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Tom Reuvers, born 1977. The Netherlands Tom Reuvers is a dutch photographer, who started in 2009. His art of photography can be found in his special photographs of concerts and festivals on the planet, including concerts of Eurovision Song Contest finalists Douwe Bob and Ilse DeLange and also some of the biggest names in music like Franz Ferdinand, Nick Cave, Lumineers, Chrystal Fighters, Slayer, Di-rect, Jan Akkerman, Jake Bugg and Miles Kane. Most of his work is published by Cortonville and VPRO 3VOOR12. As a permanent member of the biggest online concert & festival website FestivalInfo.nl, he travels around to shoot the greatest shows in The Netherlands. Beside concert photography, Tom Reuvers is active as a portrait photographer and works on several projects. 

Also landscapes and night photography are some of his favorite things to do. Especially in night photography he’s the one who works with of special workflow to get those amazing pictures. Combining different exposure values in night photography are giving his photos that extra special. 

Tom Reuvers is also known for his workshops and trainings.

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